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Somebody's Hero by AlexanderMugetsu reviews Whoever you are and whoever you may be, just know that you may be somebody's hero. Nude record covers. Elements of Romance Games included in later chapters, so possible upgrade to M later. Anya and Lily fucks at Colette If you are looking for hot sapphic love then Colette is definitely a place to go.

Now, this is how his story, begins, the servant of one of the strongest, if not the strongest, female Devil in Existence! Mike X Female Animatronics. Hylia fawkes nude. Anomaly by Statchar reviews Mito Uzumaki didn't expect a mysterious young man by the name of Naruto to come falling out of the sky. Now I've been recruited by the local police, got myself knee deep in a pokephilia case, and I have to take care of a morbidly depressed arcanine.

However, Juvia is not all she seems to be, the Rain Woman unknowingly has a secret, although what is it and just how does it relate to Natsu, who after his fight is suddenly feeling very odd, seeing flashbacks of events he can't seem to recall.

I then woke up twenty feet in the air with nothing but the tatters of what once might have been clothes and stranded in the middle of a massive forest. Without him, this could have had the ingredients of a nightmare, but as long as she was his, she wouldn't mind. Issei, Raynare, Ddraig, Kalawarner. Crash landing on earth, that person happens to be Goku when he saves her life.

They make a few selfies about their hot asses before he jumps in […]. With power of the Gamer, Saito's life had changed into of that video games as he set up into the world of Halkeginia. Girl fucked by sex machine. I did too - until I got my reality check. Will Shigure get to teach him something? It's kind of ironic, then, that Greg Veder has always been far more serious about games than he ever has about life.

Can he set aside his anger and get the fact he wants every part of you touching him through your thick head? Kill or be Killed by Writer with bad Grammar T-T reviews If people got himself reincarnated into anime World they will try their best to fix the plot into better one. Archangel, elite sharpshooter for the Legion, didn't think of himself as one of those people. Then I found myself wound up in some Multiverse shenanigans where I now have to travel from world to world, carrying out tasks for "The Creator.

AU furriesMale x Male relationships. Are you sent somewhere, such as Elysium or Hell? So much has been lost to him since the calamity struck; his home; his friends; his family; his memories This is the story, of someone who never wanted to be part of a story.

Conscription of Fate by Shadow0Fire reviews Some are called to serve their people. On his 21 birthday he goes into the world of ponies and finds his old friends of the night and day. Seeking to get their daughter a friend, Mr. But the forces of evil won't stand idle, and some of them have their eyes on the twin's family. Not many people knew how powerful he is, or what he's done.

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I Dream of Evangelion by Traitor of All Traitors reviews Before he receives the letter that instructs him to go to Tokyo-3 to meet his father, young Shinji wished for someone to care about him and be kind to him.

Glorious Damnation by Vademm rerogi reviews I have been on this earth for almost 3, years and I have yet to find it- a purpose. Winnie the pooh naked. Who will they side with, and who can they trust? Raiser, OC, Ravel P. They makes friends, enemies, and even more than a few love interests. Balloon Girl X OC. Naruto has no idea what to make of this, but decided to make the most of it. He has gotten used to falling short, but then on the morning of his thirteenth birthday his whole world will be turned upside down.

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Does playing too many games turn your life into one? Son Goku is transported to another Realm where each and every decision he makes will effect the outcome of the future. Should I let the timeline goes on Potter Verse by Mateos reviews Harry's life turns into a game, where he is the main character. Issei, Raynare, OC, Kalawarner. This has earth shattering effects as Issei makes a choice that will change DXD Though now that the cause of it was gone, Aaron figured that nothing more than a little time was enough to give his friends the peace they deserved.

His knowledge of the future? However, he doesn't remember anything about his first life. Top adult xxx sites. But I was not expecting or prepared for being in the position of a Video game character and tossed into the world of RWBY and I plan on turning the wheels of fate in a different direction. Hylia fawkes nude. Hot busty blonde Molly has run out of money and she needs some cash fast.

Also, faced with a chance to return to his time, will Jack be willing to take it? THIS is my story. We don't talk about other men. However, instead of killing the boy, the Kyuubi breaks his mind and causes her host to become insane in the Looney variety! And never be afraid to fall in love.

Reborn into a world of magic and deceit, I'll rise to the top. Resident Evil - Rated: Now as they all enjoy each passing day with each other, dark days are starting to come for the world of Equestria, and Dylan may have to embrace a destiny far from a mere royal chef if he is to save Equestria from a pure evil shadow. In Another World with My Smartphone by Johnnieboy11 reviews What would happen if the main character that died and was sent to this new world wasn't Touya, but rather a US Marine that barely turned 19?

So, take it up. T - English - Friendship - Chapters:

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Mind-blowing busty teen Nina North shows off amazing figures in sexy black lingerie set. Naked black women being fucked. Out of boredom Kai decides to attend Kuoh Academy for some entertainment.

Born A Slave by Rujaku reviews Born as a slave Link is brought to the Twilight where he is left in the care of the staff to the queen. Hylia fawkes nude. Mina's past is catching up with her, and she plays a deeper role in the world of magic and monsters than she realises. The Pack of Destiny and Life by The Imperator 2 you reviews The gift of life is precious, and not easily forsaken, but can easily be lost.

Zero no Gamers by ZeroFang reviews What if when Saito got summoned into the world of Halkeginia, he was granted the power of the Gamer. However, fate had other ideas for this boy. After 27 years of fighting he forgot about his childhood, but when Cortona opens a prototype waypoint, in order to save his life, he is finally back home. Perfect sexy milf How will the supernatural deal with this?

What if his past comes back to haunt him? On his 21 birthday he goes into the world of ponies and finds his old friends of the night and day. Survive, help Rias and her Peerage, and completely screw over any and all opposition to the safety of his friends and perhaps some other people. Bonding with a group of unlikely friends, Tsukune Aono grows and uncovers a dark, pained past Well, maybe this next world will be more interesting.

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