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For, if Lucy had been paying the slightest bit of attention, and not fantasizing about the bubble bath she would take later on that night, then she might have heard Gray say something about the flame brain being weak.

In this case however, aside from being focused, the thought of having a relationship with a girl may not have even crossed his mind. Why is her being in love with Natsu relevant to her character? Gray fucking Lucy in piledriver: In Case You Missed It. Sexy thai girl fuck. Fairy tail lucy heartfilia naked. Imageass up head down and she's deepthroating Natsu. Natsu and Lucy return to their guildhall, where Gray attempts to freeze Zeref using an enhanced version of Iced Shell that erases all memory of its caster's existence.

In an instant, everybody in the guild hall had their eyes glued to the celestial mage and it wasn't due to the sound that was coming out of her throat, or the fight scene going on behind her. It's so easy to just give in to disappointment and adapt a defeatist attitude, but we never see Lucy do so. Retrieved January 2, She doesn't even have a strong will sometimes to go on because someone has to encourage her.

Mortally injured, Bloodman drags Gajeel into the underworld. Frontal view of the feet of the bed. If anything, it's easy to tell that Natsu and Lucy are very close. The real question is when has Lucy boobs been groped by an enemy in her battles? Pretty much all she does is whine and get saved by Natsu. Uk sara lesbian. Unlike half you pervs out there I know not all of you are but admit it a lot are I'd rather see some plot development than an other panty shot or oops Lucy lost her cloths again!

Related Database Entries Anime: She was in a great mood; she had got another chapter done in her novel and had recently got back from a job that had enough reward money to pay her rent for the next three months. However, things take a turn with Lucy sways to the side and passes out. Taurus and Scorpio tag team. Her parents may have sent her for the Mad Duke, but Lady Mirajane made herself go for a chance to meet the swordsman with the beautiful long hair and deep blue eyes.

Image sucking and getting her feet licked by Natsu left and Gray right. Cuddle by wingsofcosmos Fandoms: World gets into mode of Spring Festival celebration.

Because those three reasons are a microcosm of why anyone likes her. Drunken flirting is probably not what either of them are best at. Fairy Archive by Kyogre Fandoms: Retrieved September 5, But undoubtedly the most intriguing part of the chapter is Brandish inviting Lucy to join her naked in the tub!

This is a really well thought out and well written post, but this part is unnecessary. May 30, [41]. I knew you were a Lucy hater by looking to your comments about her, but to this extend

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I do think the fairest criticisms are that she is the victim of fan service way too much, and that Mashima has botched her character a few times. Afterward, the other dragons reveal they have lost their souls to Acnologia and sealed themselves within the dragon slayers to prolong their own lives.

July 15, [32].

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Those are the most recent ones from the top of my head. 70s naked women. Frontal view of the feet of the bed. Retrieved December 10, The main characters are: Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and to a much lesser degree; Wendy. Natsu recovers shortly before Irene's spell on Fiore disappears, restoring the country's geography. She sacrificed the key she not only had for the longest time, but a key that was handed down to her from her mom.

Back in the present, Fairy Tail prepares for Alvarez's assault. Happy returns to the guild with an unconscious Natsu, who is diagnosed with a tumor from overexerting his magic against Zeref.

Although Erza defeats her after an arduous battle, the detonation process begins. Fairy tail lucy heartfilia naked. Possibly call celestial spirit king again and again by destroying her remaining keys. I'm glad I didn't make a Lucy post because I'd have looked like such a casual. Most amazing tits in the world. I've only ever defended Natsu and Lucy. It's what she's been wanting for years, but when she meets a new, very cute travelling performer, she starts to wish she hadn't switched her gig. Time after time again, Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail finds herself in her birthday suit in public more often than she should.

The world is full of should haves however, and Freed and Bickslow did not set foot on Tenrou again that fateful day. No need to draw the right side of the bed with Juvia. If you can't see how much better it would be I suggest you go get a reality check. I always thought she was a supporting character.

Skimpy clothes is hardly fanservice and Erza has a ton of skimpy armours. She pushes forward and strives to help the guild improve and be even more united. Thai shemale fuck girl. My god, can't Mashima kill She's like Marmite, in all fairness I don't hate or love her character she was okay at the beginning of the story and she has grown on me to be a enjoyable character. Click above to play the game. Natsu and Gray had been in their usual battle stances, shouting extremities back and forth amongst one another.

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