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As he began his research he found a photo of Ellen Page at 16 years old where she had a shaved head and looked incredibly sad.

Status Not open for further replies. So does the debug video show her nude, or is it a naked body with no details? I mean putting Ellen page's head on a mannequin was not enough? The source says that it's a Rumor and starts off the title of the article with "Rumor: You can find the NSFW images here. Eden evans nude. So Reddit user DJMockingJay managed to get some uncensored photos from the debug mode where free-camera mode was enabled, allowing the user to snap some pictures of Ellen Page's 3D alter ego, Jodie, completely and entirely in the buff.

The last of us has some gameplay and a decent story at least. You don't see her breasts in the actual game. Beyond two souls naked glitch. Still, in case it wasn't clear, the debug mode necessary to do this isn't intended to be accessed by players, period. Page's attorney attempted to work out a fix with the game's developer, Quantic Dream, first, the emails say. The Best Friends hatred of all things David Cage brings me so much life. TnK Member Oct 22, Additionally, sites hosting the photos, linking to the photos or containing videos of the uncensored nude shower scene have either been removed, shutdown or blocked.

And guess what those two games have in common! Under certain circumstances, one of the game's female characters, Madison, could be seen nude. I mean it looks cool and I like Ellen Page so I might wanna check it out. Big black chicks naked. RaikuHebi Banned Oct 22, To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

I Stalk Alone Member Oct 22, So, if you're concerned about that, why model her completely in the first place? So you can feel free to commence cutting me slack riiiiight…now. Two Soulsexclusively for the PS3 right now. Related Items ellen page nsfw. Do you think Sony intended for these image to be leaked?

Why making all the realistic sexual details if those were not supposed to be seen? What is the best strategy for completing the last scene? These units are used during development for testing and, dun, dun, dun, debug purposes. I'm not sure how, I wasn't even trying to and I'm pretty sure its a weird glitch I ran into but I just did the fight scene in the nude including full frontal nudity, which is what I assume you are after, haha.

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Essentially, it was there for someone to try and unlock.

I'm still uploading the playthrough. Their game Fahrenheit was edited—some might say censored—of some of its sexual content for its American release. Pictures of girls in sexy underwear. Page has not done any sexual explicit scenes in any of her movies. We were also given the same request from SCEA's PR department, but luckily we didn't have any actual nude photos from the game on our site, as that would make us porn peddlers and we're peddlers of many things but not porn.

I kinda hope the team responsible gets fired for this tbh. Why Call Of Duty: They both feature an option that allows you to change the camera angle in the shower scenes, giving yourself a full frontal view of Jodie and the Heavy Rain character Madison, respectively.

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So does the debug video show her nude, or is it a naked body with no details? Reply Parent Thread Link. This situation is reminiscent of a glitch discovered in Beyond developer Quantic Dream's previous game, Heavy Rain. Why are you even debating smh. Two Souls that ended up revealing Ellen Page completely nude. Is Beyond Two Souls any different? Here's what Abrams wrote to Weil on January 29, This reminds me of when they made Angie naked in Beowulf without her knowing about it.

It was on a debug system, it probably didn't need "hacking" to enable free cam. Just like Hot Coffee, it doesn't matter if you can only find it with hacks, the information has still been distributed to those with the game and that will cause attention to be drawn to it. Ebony lesbian pornography. Beyond two souls naked glitch. Anyway, if I were Ellen, I probably would, tbh. But at the same time she is just a little girl," he said. When we originally ran the story about a debug PS3 unit being used to access additional camera angles in Beyond: Related Items ellen page nsfw.

Why is it there? He knew that was his character. This site is part of the Clevver Network. It's not actually her body. Reddit milf hookup. Two Souls," and it's exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

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Two Souls From Spreading Online This story probably would have stayed in the cupboard had it been an isolated incident, but it looks like it wasn't isolated. Of course, that someone went through the trouble to do this isn't surprising: It annoyed me so much in the last of us, such a put off.

In this case, that means that Jodie appears fully naked in an extremely superfluous shower scene that's apparently kind of a favorite of game creator David Cage. Black lingerie lesbians. David Cage's games are certainly not for everyone.

Press X to Streisand effect Source: Why Call Of Duty: Why making all the realistic sexual details if those were not supposed to be seen? It's a 3D rendered image FFS! Do not reproduce without permission. Lesbians having hardcore strapon sex Cage's previous title, Heavy Rain, featured a protagonist that had a fully naked character model for some of the game—and there was even a glitch that rendered said model playable.

Status Not open for further replies. According to them, the images were taken down due to "legal reasons".

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